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STEMtastic Academics

SUMMER 2024 Exclusive STEM Learning sessions with Mrs. Holyoak


Summer 2024

STEAM (STEM & Art) Fridays!

STEM & STEAM Concentrated Hands-On Learning in groups of 4 learners or less.

Tutoring Sessions for 1 or 2 learners.

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Summer Fun STEM Learning

Small group STEM sessions in Coding, Robotics, Geology, Forensic Science, Engineering Prototyping, Egyptology, and Paleontology

NEW For Summer 2024

STEAM Fridays! Concentrating on Art as inspired by STEM (STEAM)!

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sTEM Summer 2024

Modules Run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ( AM or PM Sessions). Suggested grade levels are shown for Fall 2024. For more information please email Mrs. Holyoak at

Coding and Robotics

1 - 7 gr

Students learn about the basics of coding and learn to code a robot to solve challenges, such as obsticle course, launching balls, playing music on a xylophone.

Students are challenged with a crime scene as they use real forensic science techniques and clues at the scene to solve the mystery.

forensic science

5 - 7 gr


1-4 gr

Students learn about geodes, how to grow crystals, gold panning history as they pan for their very own ‘gold’, learn to identify rocks, and study a collection of authentic florescent rocks.

Egyptology & Archeology

1-7 gr

Students learn egyptian architecture, and archeology techniques by digging for artifacts. They learn about the ancient egyptian language, mythology, and the science of mummification and practice by preparing a mummy and sarcophagus.

Students practice the engineering design process by creating fun prototypes with robotic building parts. They will also learn to create other prototypes using every day items.



1- 7 gr

Students learn the hands on science of paleontology as they discover and classify real fossils. They will also study authentic fossils millions of years old.


1 - 6

NEW sTEaM Sessions Fridays Summer 2024

New this Summer STEAM Modules provide learners with an opportunity to see art as inspired by STEM. Two hours of instruction every Friday afternoon on subjects that merge the disciples of STEM with Art techniques.

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sTEaM FRIDAYS topics

Modules Run Every Friday from 1 to 3 pm. All grades are welcome!

For more information please email Mrs. Holyoak at

Art and Chromatography

Cryptography and hieroglyphics


patterns in nature

The art of chemical reactions

the art of anatomy and rations

marine biology and watercolors

3D Art and geometry

gravity, eggshells, and paint

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Tutoring in groups of 1 or 2 students in grades 1 to 7

for the fall of 2024

Tutoring Sessions are one hour concentrating in Math, Science, or Computer Programming/ Coding


Learn new math skills or simply keep up your math super powers this summer


Learn about any science subject with project based tutoring

Computer science /coding

Don't just use a computer learn to program it too.

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Tutoring Registration

* Feel free to request a tutoring time that works best for your family by emailing me at:

*hourly rate of $40/learner

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Mrs. Holyoak has over 13 years of educator experience in the disciplines of STEM, Math, and Gifted and Talented education. She comes to education with more than 20 years of practical experience in the field of engineering. She worked as a design and product engineer in the environmental and product processing industries and as an equipment and process validation engineer with pharmaceutical companies.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as two masters, including a Master's in Education. Mrs. Holyoak also holds a STEM Education Certification from the National Institute for STEM Education.

For more information please email Mrs. Holyoak :